Financial Modeling

We have developed a comprehensive financial model specifically designed for the trucking industry.  The model has been successfully implemented on multiple occasions to help right size the company's fixed costs either through growth or a downsize effort. The model also has built in functionality specifically designed for bankruptcy emergence engagements.

The financial model has the capability to project equipment purchases and disposals, compare actual vs projected, and project the income statements, balance sheets and cash flows.  This model was developed with a clear advantage over most in the ease of monthly updates.  This allows us to easily identify any variance to plan and measure the cash impact of operational variances.  

Below are some of the features of the model:
  • Operational Metric Tracking
  • Monthly Rate Comparisons vs. Benchmarked Rates
  • Equipment 
    • Trade Cycle Planning
    • Projecting Maintenance Cost by Group/Tractor/By Age
    • Run What if Scenarios on Disposals, Fuel Economy and Other Costs
    • Tax Depreciation vs. Book Depreciation Estimates
  • Detailed Fuel/MPG Analysis
  • Too many other features and analysis to list!  
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