Custom Application Development

After our initial interview, we will evaluate potential software solutions that may exist to solve your business problems.  If we are unable to find a viable fit with software in the market, we will work with you to further define your requirements, build a custom application that is tightly integrated with your existing applications and help you with the implementation.   
Examples of our custom software solutions:
  • Custom Reporting solutions for TMW & McLeod
  • Data mart with automatic daily updates to a dashboard
  • Sales forecasting application
  • Carrier bid processing/rating tool
  • Client Profitability w/ Quickbooks interface
  • Estimating Application with Peachtree interface

  • Bank Auto-reconciliation software
  • Payroll hours tracking and export to ADP
  • Project time tracking w/ barcode scanning
  • HR employee tracking and bonus calculator
  • Inventory Audit Software with barcode readers